The right contrat

contratsThe firm’s in-depth understanding of the different financing systems and European flags and registers, along with all their advantages and drawbacks on the legal and fiscal levels, and its total independence from the financial institutions or yacht builders, place it in a position to offer a comprehensive range of solutions quite beyond the reach of any other market operator. The customised, objective guidance provided by W.Lease always leads to a contract signed directly between the client and the bank of their choice. This solution offers the additional advantage for the client that the selected financing undergoes twofold scrutiny and validation, that of W.Lease and that of the bank involved.

W.Lease financesyachts for yacht-lovers”: the emphasis is often on private and family use in the solutions selected, although that in no way excludes the possibility of setting up companies to handle the operation of the boat. The so-called “flags of convenience“ seem like a good idea but are in fact deceptive, and W.Lease spares its clients the trouble such choices can involve. Attractive as the total exemption of VAT on these contracts may be, it is made up for by the additional charges involved in creating and running a charter company, not forgetting that it is also necessary to prove that its activity is real. This involves management that takes not only time, but also financial means